The History of Customization in the US Gift Industry

The personal gift audience is largely an American trend. Its origins are traced to our early American history when jewelers applied their skills by etching loved ones names or initials on one-of-a-kind silver trays, and jewelry.

Exactly what types of personalized items are buyers getting? Virtually anything can be customized, so the options are many. Some examples are Coffee cup, Bowl, Hats, smart phone holders, handbags and Picture Photo Puzzles.

As the nation grew westward, outfitters and weapon makers would regularly individualize their items, while wood artisans utilized their talents to produce distinctively embellished cases with family names or crests.

The very early personalized items constantly were manufactured to order. They were only available to people who could afford them. During that time, it was no more than a tiny portion of consumers who had the cash to buy them. Things stayed about the same till the late 1950s. Now, mass production started bringing pre-made customized gifts to ordinary people America.

All of a sudden, every local corner shop provided displays of affordable pens, key chains and necklaces promoting names like Linda, John, Dick, Donna, Mary and Dave.

You can still find today numerous of these cheap products in the market nowadays, the personalized products business has grown and progressed over the past forty years. Very likely the biggest development that has moved the market forward has been developments in systems.

Reduced costs for equipment suggests that it’s now possible to have personalization machinery in decentralized spots as opposed to one major manufacturing plant. Furthermore, individualized gifts that before would take a long time to obtain can now be put together in a few days or even hours. Gifts that at one time had a long buying lead time, are now nearly impulse buys for today’s overloaded customer.

Computer-driven innovation likewise has made virtually hundred of customized gift options in an assortment of price tag ranges easily available to the customer.


Who Normal Sells Individualized Items and Gifts in the AMERICAN Market?

Exactly what kind of companies sell customized gifts? Significant magazines, numerous ecommerce websites including some of the largest  such as, high end outlet store, specialized boutiques, general dry-goods retail shops, drug store chains and countless little entrepreneurs.

Simply get a magazine and you will find robes for grownups and kids,great crystal, quilts, memento gifts for newborns, costly gifts to mark a graduation, wedding or anniversary, a range of clothing as well as furnishings. Visit a regional retailer and you will find stationery, jewelry, wall art, T-shirts, mugs and tableware, glasses, picture frames and a lot more.

Why are these gifts so appealing for a lot of sellers? Any seller will agree that an individualized gift suggests a bit more effort up-front, however in the long run fewer returns. Plus, these products typically lug a higher rate point– and for that reason profits– making these gifts extremely appealing.

Americans Love with Individualized Gifts

While you may find some customized gift items in other nations, you will not see the same large range of products that are found in the U.S. Why has the customized gift audience thrived right here at home?


It’s easy to understand according to those who study buyers. Americans of all ages,¬† love to display their names on an item since it makes them feel unique and unique.

And, American buyers are constantly looking for products with a somewhat different spin, and this, too, is achieved by acquiring a tailored product. Forecasters agree that the customized gift industry is with us for the long term and will continue steady growth as more products are introduced in reaction to customer demand.


Handling Your Reputation

Internets = Parody motivator.

Internets = Parody motivator. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In this day and age managing your professional or business reputation is very very important. Today with an online search, anybody who is a prospective client and/or employers can check you out. And fortunately, it is also possible for you to look yourself up and manage your personal reputation. Use the following ideas to do this successfully.

The key to managing your reputation is by making unhappy customers happy. You need to show all your customers that you care when you turn one individual customer’s bad experience into a positive one. This is even more beneficial if you have the capacity to do it online. It will show that you care about your customers.

You should keep yourself up-to-date with any news or information about the services or products you provide. This way, you will always manage to give customers useful information. Take five minutes a day and do an Internet search to read the most recent information about your company’s industry.

If you make a mistake with a customer, show the world that you are mature and apologize. Everyone makes mistakes, but it takes a big individual to acknowledge that and correct it. If people see that you are truly apologetic for the wrongs you have done, it will keep it more likely that they will continue to deal with you down the road.

If you own a company, you should always treat your employees well. If you don’t, consequences can be serious. Some people will not give you business as a result of it.

Writing articles for publishing on other sites can enhance your online business reputation. This can help many people see you as an expert in your field. Be sure to put your name, company, and a link back to your website on each article. What you write will be dependent on the purpose of your business, your niche, and your target audience but try to keep the content as relevant to these items as possible.

Pay attention to the reputation your business has offline. Your offline reputation will make its way into the online world. If negative content on your company becomes a trend, you must know why. Treat all your clients and customers well and urge the happy ones to leave positive reviews on sites like Yelp.

When you are publicly responding to any feedback that is left by a customer, make sure to address them by name. People want to know that small business owner see them as individuals and not as one portion of a very large group. Using their names will give them what they want.

Bring people that are looking for your product or service site directly to your website via social media. You can do this by utilizing your business name along with your personal pages on places like Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. This will bring searchers to you instead of websites with negative and possible untruthful reviews.

When you have a business, it is essential that you establish a process to handle any reviews that are negative. Always reply to negative reviews properly and quickly; otherwise, your silence can come across as indifference. It is just as important to acknowledge any positive reviews with appreciation and reinforcement.

Customer services

Customer services (Photo credit: gordon2208)

Respond as quickly to complaints and concerns as possible. The sooner you fix a problem, the lesser of a problem it becomes. If you wait until a customer has complained across the Internet, it may be far too late. Show your customers just how much you care to keep them returning.

In the Internet and social networks age, your reputation really does precede you. So you need to get personally involved and manage your professional or business reputation wisely and successfully and your sterling reputation will set you aside from the rest of the pack.

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How To Make Mobile Marketing Work For Your Advantage

Smartphones are everywhere! It seems like everyone has a smartphone and uses it for just about anything you can imagine. They can do so much more than make calls, send text messages and surf the Internet and mobile marketing can help you take advantage of that. While this technique is fairly new, it is quickly becoming quite popular and proving to be very successful. To learn how you can make mobile marketing work for you, read the following article.

One of the first things you should do is get information from your customers. Whether you will be sending out text messages or emails, you will need to get this personal information before you can start sending out your messages or ads. You will find that some people are quite trusting and will easily hand over whatever you ask of them. On the contrary, you will find that some people guard their personal information with their life and it will take quite a bit of coaxing to get it out of them. Many of these people, though, can be swayed with a free item, free trial or sample or a nice discount. You may think one number or one email address isn’t that important, but that is not true, you want all the information you can get.

While it is important for you to gather personal information, you have to make sure that this information is secure. Do what you need to do to assure that email addresses or phone numbers are not used for any other method than sending out messages from your mobile media campaign. Selling or sharing information will not be appreciated and you will quickly lose trust with your subscribers should you do so.

Another aspect to mobile marketing is sending out messages or ads. What you send, when you send and how you send out information is quite important. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when designing and sending out your content.

1. Images
Since you are sending out information to smartphones, the pictures and videos need to be kept to a bare minimum. Many people have cell phones with data limits and sending these types of files can quickly send them over their plan. Also, they may load slowly on some smartphones and leave the subscriber frustrated.

2. Content
The content you send out is important. Since you are sending out information on a device that is so near and dear to your subscribers, you should take this into consideration. Anything you send out should be quite useful to your customers. You should also make sure that the wording you use is short and goes straight to the point. You do not want to send out long and drawn out messages.

3. Timing
When you send out information is important, too. You should know your subscriber and send out messages at times most of them will be receptive. Sending out information at odd hours will cause your message to be ignored, deleted or cause your subscriber to opt-out. You also need to pay attention to the timing if you are sending out a message for a sale or special deal. Do not send out the information too early or your subscribers might forget. You might want to send it out a week or so ahead of time and then again a day before or the day of the event as a reminder.

Reaching out and communicating with consumers on their smartphones is a smart way to market yourself. Use the tips shared here and you will find success with mobile marketing.


Mobile Marketing: How To Make It Work For You

People are using their mobile phones in today’s time for just about everything communication related. They use them to make calls, text message, check social media networks, surf the Internet and so much more. When you make the choice to use mobile media marketing as part of your marketing campaign you can really reach out and promote what you have to offer. Use the tips shared in the following article to make the most of your mobile marketing campaign.

First, ask customers and those interested in your business to sign up for your mobile marketing campaign. Will you be sending out text messages? Or is email your choice? Depending on what you choose, you will need to get the proper information. You’ll likely find that many people will give you their information, but a lot of people do not like to share such personal information. The good thing is, you can usually coax this information out of quite a few people. By offering a free product, a sample or trial or a nice discount, you can usually get quite a few people to hand their information over.

When getting information from your new subscribers, assure them that you will respect their privacy. Do not sell their information or share it with anyone. Also, be sure you only use the information they share with you for the purposes you have laid out in front of them.

Next, you should start designing your ads or messages. It is important that anything you create to send out should be optimized for cell phones. Also, be sure that it will show up on a variety of different platforms. With so many different smart phone companies, there are quite a few different platforms. You also need to use very few pictures or videos. These take up a lot of data and can be slow to load for your subscribers. Since the use of images should be limited, you will have to be powerful with your words. The words you choose are quite important. They need to be straight and to the point. Try not to be too wordy. It is also good if you do not use text speak. Many people do not understand it and some people even find it offensive. Use normal language and make sure your words are meaningful.

What you send out is very important. People get a lot of different information on their cell phones and you want yours to be unique. Chances are, you also want it to get the attention it deserves. By making your content relevant, interesting and unique, you can get the most bang for your buck. Be sure everything you send is useful to a majority of your subscribers. Are you having a sale coming up? Did you get a new shipment of a hard to find item?

Using mobile marketing is a great way to reach out to your customers in a whole new and technologically advanced way. Use the tips here and you can find success with your mobile marketing efforts.


Mobile Marketing Advice For Newbies

The world is changing all of the time and many people are relying more on technology now than ever before. It is not an easy task to find someone that has never owned a mobile phone, and anyone that is marketing a business should take advantage of that. The tips below will give you a good idea of what the dos and don’ts are.

One thing you need to do is to make sure that your content can be read by people that have all types of phones. While a lot of people are jumping on the Android bandwagon, there are many people that have phones that are not as savvy. You want to be able to reach that audience as well.

Do not send long messages or it is likely they will not get read. People these days believe in instant gratification. If they are genuinely interested in reading what you have to say, but it is taking forever, they may not end up finishing it at all. It is best to keep things brief and direct.

Make sure that you identify your brand in your mobile marketing materials. The last thing you want is to have a great campaign and no one has any idea who you are. You should have a well-defined logo or slogan and it should be included in all of the marketing messages you send out.

Do not abbreviate when you are sending out marketing texts. It may be easy to shorten words in order to get more into each message, but the truth is that it will make you look less than professional. If you must, send a separate message out a bit later to make sure everything is clear. You cannot expect to be taken seriously if people can barely understand the content of the messages you are sending out.

Avoid sending messages at odd hours. This is a little tricky because all of your customers may not live in the same time zone. It is a good idea to send messages after 12 p.m. EST. This is a good idea because it will be at least 9 a.m. everywhere else in the U.S. You will lose customers if you are interrupting people at hours when most of the world is sound asleep.

Never send someone mobile marketing materials unless the recipient has given their express permission. If you plan on using someone’s mobile phone number to send them messages, specify that when you ask for it. People that get random texts from companies do not appreciate them and they may stop doing any type of business with you.

You have the ability to use mobile marketing to dramatically boost your business. If you do things the wrong way, it can have the total opposite effect. The tips here should give you a very good idea of what you should do and what you shouldn’t. Use this advice wisely and you can look forward to your business doing much better than it has in a while.


Marketing In Social Media During The Holiday Season

Holiday Lights....When the holidays approach, this presents perfect opportunities for you to boost your marketing activities in social media. More and more people are relying on social media as a way to connect with family and friends. For every person who sees your message through social media, you can potentially gain a good number of new customers through this network of sharing. Read this article for some great suggestions on how you can take full advantage of social media in your holiday marketing campaigns.

Customize the look of your social media presence by using backgrounds that have a seasonal theme. When people visit your page, the festive design puts them in the holiday spirit. This puts them in the right frame of mind to receive your holiday promotions and messages.

Use social media as a complement to your traditional marketing efforts, and not as a replacement. Stick with your print campaigns, but include the URL of your social media account on the flyers. Offer special promotions to your customers for visiting your social media account. You can post a special discount code on your social media page. This also is a good way to track how many customers use social media in part of their purchase decision. Just count the number of customers using your code and you will get an idea.

Write content that is centered on the holidays. Offer gift ideas, helpful hints in managing busy holiday schedules, and suggestions that you think consumers will benefit from.

The holidays are the biggest shopping season of the year. Merchants everywhere are offering promotions and specials to entice people to shop there. The environment can get competitive for merchants as shoppers choose merchants that offer them the most convenience, best prices and best quality. Therefore, if you are selling products, you must make the shopping experience as pleasant and trouble-free as possible.

Encourage your customers to share photos of their holiday celebration and include their comments and input. By doing this, you are saying to your customers that you value them as individuals. This can improve your customer relationship with positive effects lasting past the holidays.


Encourage people to share your content with their friends and family. Bump up your promotions and offer incentives for referrals.

The holiday season is about giving. Consider making a donation to a charitable organization. For instance, you can donate a percentage of each sale to a local charity in your community. Include that in your promotion. People are in the giving spirit, and when they see that you are involved with giving back to your community, they will respect you for that and perhaps be encouraged to purchase more. In addition, your reputation will improve.

Set goals and keep track of your progress. Tweak your campaign along the way if it is not producing the results that you are after.

Make the most of the holiday season in your marketing campaign. Use this opportunity to improve relationship with your customers and to give your business more positive exposure. Putting extra effort into marketing during this time of year will give you long-lasting benefits in the months ahead.


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